Not so long ago, I came to the realization that my game fowl breeding efforts might go to waste if I’d maintain more bloodlines than I could handle. I was supposed to keep just the Roundheads because their fighting style perfectly suits my personality. But I couldn’t let go of the Sweaters as well because they were winning. A certain Sweater Gold hen has been producing winners with a perfect 7-win record with one being a 3-time winner in a big league.

Undoubtedly, changing my mind was the best thing that happened. I decided to keep both the Sweater and Roundhead.

Let me share with you how I got my Sweater Gold hen.

It’s quite a long story how I acquired the Sweater Gold hen from Kagawasan ‘Dongfrey’ Gesulga (Kagawasan Gamefarm) in the summer of 2014. I was exploring the suburbs of Consolacion, Cebu City with my bike when I saw a beautiful row of roosters along the street. I parked my bike along the sidewalk and enjoyed the scenery while taking deep breaths as I gasp for fresh air coming from both the nearby river and sea.

Moments later, I caught the attention of Dongfrey’s handler. He invited me to enter their sprawling game fowl farm to have a closer look at their arsenal of fighting roosters to which I gladly accepted. I entered the Kagawasan Gamefarm and started having a great conversation with the handler.

There were a significant number of quality fowls but what really caught my attention was the Dink Fair Sweater standing tall and showing off his well-developed chest and long white streamers. He was probably one of the most fierce-looking game fowl I’ve ever seen.

I asked the handler the price of the Dink Fair Sweater even though I already had an idea that birds with such quality don’t come cheap.

I’m not going to tell you how much it was, but I got dizzy when the handler mentioned the price.

The handler mistakenly thought that I have the wherewithal to buy one when he suddenly summoned Dongfrey to show me more of the bloodlines available in the farm. Hence, I had the opportunity to talk to the owner himself.

We found ourselves in deep conversation at the brooding area of his farm teeming with healthy chicks. I told him that I like his birds and would be happy to buy one if he could give me a discount.

Surprisingly, the chicks were on sale but I could barely afford the price. I did a lot of bargaining until Dongfrey gave me a special discount for a game fowl aficionado like me.

I spent four hours at the farm, but I never got tired of sharing stories about game fowls and the sport with the two gentlemen.

Moments later, I went home with a chick in a plastic net hanging on my bike.

Time went by so fast and now the chick that I bought has turned into a laying pullet. It’s a beautiful golden Sweater hen. I started breeding her with the only Sweater broodcock I have and started sharing their offspring with my friends.

When I started breeding game fowls, I realized that it’s truly inappropriate to bargain for a bird’s price because of how much money and time a breeder would invest in the process. When I’d recall what I did to acquire the Sweater from Dongfrey, I couldn’t help but regret. To somehow lessen the guilt, I sent him a message and explained that it wasn’t my intention to bargain. I didn’t have any idea of what it takes to raise game fowl. But still, I was thankful to Dongfrey for his generosity. Because of him, I was able to get a chick that turned out to be a winning line. I promise that I’d pay forward the generosity that Dongfrey has afforded me.

Presently, I’m linebreeding the best performing stag I have back to the Sweater Gold hen hoping to maintain and improve the bloodline that I acquired because of a gentleman’s generosity.

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