After Louisiana became the last U.S. State to outlaw cockfighting under a bill approved by the state legislature which took effect August 2008, there were cockers who were set aback and their dreams crushed. But that was temporary. Although cockfighting was outlawed, breeding was not. Well-known breeder/cockers cannot just abandon their treasured bloodlines.

Where almost their entire lives were devoted to raising their feathered warriors they continued to produce, participated in game fowl shows and exhibits. If they need to sell their birds have to be “For Breeding Purposes Only”.

But how do they test the performance, the true grit as opposed to beauty and standardized conformation in gamefowl show competition. Most of them go to Mexico, Guam, Philippines and other places where cockfighting is legal. Yet small game fowl breeders continued just for the love of their chicken as their pets. They bred for quality and not necessarily for quantity. Soon some of them realized that their hybrids are attracting buyers so just to break even with the costs of feeds and poultry housing they are forced to sell with the caveat “For Breeding Purposes Only” to keep them legit.

Today we’ll feature two of such small game fowl breeders (1) Crowtown Ranch and (2) Nitrous Game Farm:


TEL. NO. 209-828-9700

Crowtown is a game fowl ranch owned by Todd Parker. Todd is a business owner of Lil’ irish Detailing and Restorations and former refrigeration engineer at Patterson Frozen Foods.

Todd ‘Lil’ Irish’ Parker

Todd raises healthy game fowls the natural way with garlic doing wonders as a prevention from common game fowl sicknesses. He has innovative ways of generating feeds from hay, grains and alfalfa. He does not hesitate culling birds that do not conform to his standards as a judge in poultry shows and exhibits.

He has authentic game fowl breeds from Hatches, Kelsos, Sweaters, Whitehackles, Clarets, Roundheads and other well-known bloodlines and crosses. He has limited numbers of fowls as he goes for quality and not necessarily quantity. Todd produced the Irish Mud bloodline which is a blend of Cowan Roundhead and Possum Sweater.

Enter Jerry…


TEL. NO. 832-462-0951

I started with game fowl around 1988-89 watching my father. We raised Kelsos, Blacks, and Hatches.

I’m holding the Mug cock that started it all for us here on the Nitrous Game Farm. He’s a producer!

My father really liked the long knife and our Cardinal Kelsos were perfect for what he showed in. We tried lots of breeds and some were good while some were bad. But the Kelsos never disappointed! They strike first, stay on top and are very intelligent fighters.

It wasn’t until about six years ago when my son wanted some Blacks and I acquired some Racey Mugs from a good friend in Tennessee. After breeding them for a few seasons they proved to be about 85% winners so we have been breeding and trying to perfect them.

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