The game fowl industry is considered as one of the mobilizing factors that aids the economic growth of the Philippines. However, due to the increasing problem of diseases and pollution, chickens are being exposed to stressful conditions, health-related problems and deterioration of their environmental conditions. To diminish these issues, prevention and control of diseases must be put to practice.

Because of the susceptibility of day-old chicks to infection, immediate use of probiotics supplementation at birth is my own way of observing prevention. For the past couple of months, EZ Grow Probiotic had been such a good help in keeping my birds healthy thus improving their quality of life despite of the fluctuating weather.

EZ Grow Probiotic helps me make sure that my fowl are able to maintain their normal intestinal microflora, enhancing their metabolism by increasing digestive enzyme activity and decreasing bacterial growth, improving feed intake and digestion and more importantly it helps in stimulating their immune system thus decreasing rate of mortality.

To all my kasabong out there, try to use EZ Grow Probiotic as one of your nutritional tools in controlling diseases, promotion of growth and improving the quality life of your birds. It’s affordable and easy to use as you will only mix it with the feeds. Totally hassle-free!

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