A meaningful experience I would like to share to all my kasabong and to my American buddies.

Looking at this powerful picture, the world can learn a thing or two about the simplicity of Filipino sabungeros. This picture shows the genuine fundamentals of passion, true love for the sport and an aspiration for greatness.

For most Filipinos, going to the sabong is not only for the sake of gambling, rather it is also considered as a meeting place where these men nourish their friendship. Unfortunately, oftentimes money brings greediness and chaos into our society.

The true meaning of our sport is constantly tarnished with this few people willing to fool and steal from each other just to get ahead in the game. In many big cities, the world of sabong is slowly becoming spoiled and rotten.

However, visiting the small towns and communities in the mountainous regions in the Philippines, I have found the truest joy in the simplicity of life shared by Filipino cockfighters. The value and respect they attributed to their birds is indeed very inspiring. Giving the best care for their birds, carrying them with so much pride, enjoying the sport despite poverty and adversity are just among the few of the Filipino traits I sincerely admired. They could be devastated by typhoons, floods, and other calamities yearly but they kept their happiness in their own way.

Filipinos definitely know how to dance in the rain, figuratively and literally.

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