I have often been told that I am somehow a strange man. Even within the sabong community and amongst my peers, I have always been a different entity. Some defined me as somewhat over-protective of my fowl, some thought I am over-passionate in terms of my views about cockfighting, and some shows admiration which I often accept with thanks.

It’s been said that the older we get, the more we reflect on our past instead of looking towards the horizon of what lies ahead. Maybe I am at the midway point of my life and seem to be looking both ways. However, I often found myself looking more constantly to the past, though I always tried to avoid those negative part of my history.

Half of the game I tend to play is learning how to forget those events in the past that eat away at me and cloud my reasons. For me, the purpose of backward-glancing eye is to educate myself constantly knowing that the past is what molds me of who I am today and learning from those who came before me.

Having to ponder on your own history, you will then look closer at hand, seeing your own actions and those around you. This is the most vital school you can learn from, because it comes from personal experience.

During my seminars, I would share to all my listeners my daily routines. Before I go to bed and in each morning I wake up, what puts fire in my heart is the thoughts and desire of how I can make my life better and that goes with my breeding as well. I often think and analyze what type of mating am I going to experiment with and try. It is always my goal to be able to contribute something significant in this field of our sport before I journey to the other side. At the back of my mind, I already aligned my thoughts to what am I gonna do or where will I start my programs, may it be for breeding, training or during fights.

Sabong should not only be about enjoying the spectacle but understanding the art that comes with it. The application of psychology and science that can be applied to this field that not only makes us good in one aspect but will turn us into a holistic individual and a passionate sabungero with a heart in the right place.

YES, I love game fowl. Besides my family, there is nothing else in my life that seems to hold my attention so well. It was even this thinking of game fowl that during my military days, while serving in combat zones, I was able to calm my mind. It’s my love for this sport that allows me to expand my horizon and enrich myself with limitless possibilities.

Surely, I am not the only one that has such a strong conviction to the hobby I love so much.

Nevertheless, it pays to share my thoughts to my peers and my friends.

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