Good news to you my fellow kasabong not only in the Philippines but as to the rest of other Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and to all my friends back home in the US, in Guam and so as in Latin America!

The World Gamefowl Expo is here once more, and now for it’s 6th year Anniversary! This event has been one of the most important and memorable experiences for me as a sabungero living here in the Philippines. It is also one of the reason why I am still here, doing what I’m doing. It introduces me to many different opportunities, bridges me to know great people who eventually became my good friends, exposed me to different products and inventions which are helpful to me and for my farm. Above all, it aided me into becoming a better sabungero as I merged myself with fellow cockfighters who shared with me many important lessons as I go along with my quest on attaining excellence and perfection.

Therefore, I am cordially inviting everyone out there to please come and witness the delight of this event. I can promise you that you will surely enjoy the experience. Sabong have become a focal point not only in the concept of the derbies we occasionally attended in our individual provinces, but these days it is becoming an important part of the Philippine game fowl industry.

During the event, you will be exposed to many different opportunities such as knowing new ways of improving your farms, buy breeding materials to increase your future chances, get to know the existing products in the market which you may find suitable for your own liking and preference, opportunity to join in free seminars which will be given daily, get different freebies and souvenirs and most of all, you will get the chance to see some of your old friends coming from different side of the countries or know other sabungeros and make new friends and social connections.

Lastly, I would like to give my utmost gratitude to the person who has made it possible throughout these years. A man who has dedicated a huge amount of his time and effort in order to keep this Expo to become successful each year as it’s making its own history in the field of cockfighting literature. Manny, you have been a great friend to me. Since the day I’ve moved my farm to the Philippines, you have a big part of my journey. Thank you for your never ending support and trust. I have no doubt that this 6th year will end with a blast and I do wish you all the very best for this event.

To all my fellow kasabong, dont forget the date January 15, 16, and 17th. Come and let’s enjoy some chicken talk. I would like to meet all of you in person. I will be at one of the Excellence booths, please drop by and say hello.

I’m looking forward to see you there!

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