A warm greetings to all of my kasabong out there!

It has been a busy few weeks for me, but I must say that it had been an eventful time and great things have been taking place. I was in Davao City for couple of days with my Salto family and it was truly a wonderful trip. The Davaoenios are one of the most pleasant people I’ve known and the city indeed is a remarkable place to spend your vacation with.

Thanks to Mayor Duterte and his constituents for elevating Davao into becoming one of the most prosperous city in the country.

During the seminars, I happened to meet other fellow Kasabong and enjoyed my time with them as I shared my experiences as a breeder based in Negros island as well hearing their struggles and delights as Sabungeros in Davao.

As I have been away and busy for the past weeks, I haven’t had the chance to spend longer hours in the farm. So today, I made it a point to be there and enjoy myself as I walk around, checking my birds. One of the many things that made me happy today is seeing my offseason stags/cockerels. It surprises me how good they looked despite of the many days devastated by so much rain. They weigh good and they felt right. I’m also glad to see how their feathers look, healthy and shiny. I was so worried that those cold damp days will bother them, thankfully they surpassed those difficult times.

As I think about all these, it made me realize many important lessons as a Sabungero.

It reminds me of the good old days practices about breeding. Proper critical care for the health of our birds must begin at the time of their hatching to the day of their pitting. With proper diet program, set of vaccine interventions and nutrition, it is possible to raise fowl to their best health possible which will in return give them the fair chance in the pit. It also of big importance to limit the number of heads we will decide to cord.

Making sure that we have enough resources which will enable us to give the proper care for our fowl is something we must always consider.

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